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"Never Green Tree"

Wainwright, William

Lechmere/East Cambridge, Sculpture

8 Canal Park

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Lechmere Canal Park, on a raised plaza at the north end of the Thomas Graves Landing

Date: 1987

Materials: Steel, aluminum, mylar

Dimensions: 35' x 8'

The steel frame that forms the 'trunk' of the wind sculpture is camouflaged by 'leaves' made of aluminum cubes. When the wind activates the cubes, the diffraction grading (mylar) surface which covers the leaves deflects light into constantly changing prismatic colors. The sculpture reflects in the water of the canal and the windows of surrounding buildings, multiplying itself and the sun rays it catches.

William Wainwright deserves to be called a 20th century "renaissance artist," applying his professional training in both architecture and engineering to create complex and innovative mobile sculptures. Besides his creative contribution to art, he holds two U.S. patents. Wainwright studied at Purdue University, Cornell, the Institute of Design in Chicago, and M.I.T. He taught architecture at Harvard Graduate School of Design for a number of years and his sculptures have been exhibited in numerous technological and art venues alike