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"Tower of East Cambridge Faces"

Tyler, James

Lechmere/East Cambridge, Sculpture

10 Canal Park

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Lechemere Canal Park

Date: 1986

Materials: Bronze

Dimensions: 14' x 30" x 30"

Tyler's intention to capture in bronze the diverse culture of East Cambridge is realized in the rich collection of distinct images and textures that make up his sculpture. Fifty faces of area residents -- randomly assembled from photographs taken in the neighborhood by the artist -- comprise this 'tower' of faces. Even the artist does not know who the persons depicted are, and some of them may be unaware that their image is preserved in bronze, but each of the fifty faces speaks of individuality and personal conviction, however harmoniously intermixed it may be in the sculptural whole.

Tyler has studied at Hampshire and Nasson colleges. He specializes in life-size sculpture and has completed many public art commissions, including a series of realistic figures for Davis Square in Somerville as part of the MBTA Arts On The Line Program.