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"Multicultural Manifestoes"

Taho, Ritsuko

Central Square/Cambridgeport, Sculpture

Massachusetts Avenue at River Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Carl Barron Plaza

Date: 1997

Materials: Glass, brick, brass, granite

Dimensions: Half acre

This half-acre installation in the heart of Central Square reveals the inner hopes of Cantabrigians of all ages and backgrounds. Taho spent five months soliciting "dream statements" via public meetings, workshops, and "dream collection boxes" around the Square. She then inscribed selections on six rings of brass cylinders. The statements range from personal ambitions (becoming a teacher, veterinarian, or dancer; finishing college) to goals for the world at large (ending racism and pollution, increasing tolerance and unity). Three of the scroll rings rest on a pillar of frosted glass bearing the word "dream" in 48 languages. These three "dream towers" (one shown here) are internally lit, providing a comforting glow for nighttime passersby.  Taho received a BFA and MFA in design from Musashino Art University in Tokyo and an MFA in sculpture from Yale University. She has exhibited her work in group and solo exhibitions at museums and galleries around the world and received numerous commissions for temporary and permanent public installations in the U.S. and Japan.