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Rosenberg, Lilli Ann

Fresh Pond/Strawberry Hill, Tile and Glass

110 Cushing Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Haggerty School, front lobby

Date: 1995

Materials: Ceramic tiles

Dimensions: 45" x 25", 46" x 31", 47" x 37", 36" x 30"

Rosenberg's "collages in concrete" style murals are located so as to be enjoyed by all the students. One is by the front entrance and the other is in the entryway to the lower level of the building, where it can be seen by the students on their way to lunch or the gymnasium as well as by the general public using the community room. Embedded in the cement are individual clay pieces and found objects such as mosaics, stones, shells, leafs, keys, and other fascinating, simple and ordinary objects from all over the world. As many of the students as possible were engaged in the creation of the art. At a workshop the students drew on and cut rolled-out clay to make silhouettes of themselves and other images for the murals. After the workshop, the artist took the clay back to her studio and applied to it clear glaze and fired it to protect it for posterity.

Rosenberg has created numerous other Boston-area works, including a large mosaic in the MBTA Park Street subway station and another mural for the lobby of the Children's Hospital. Two of her murals can be found at the Central Square Library in Cambridge and the Miller's River Apartments in East Cambridge. Trained in architecture, sculpture, and ceramics, she studied at the Cooper Union and Art Students League (both in New York City), as well as at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She has lived in New England for most of her working life.