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"Vellucci Plaza Design"

Reynolds, Jock and Helmuth, Suzanne

Mid-Cambridge, Sculpture

Cambridge Street at Hampshire Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Vellucci Plaza, Inman Square

Date: 2006

Materials: Granite, wood, pipe, lights, plantings, concrete

As part of the Cambridge Street Improvements, artists Jock Reynolds and Suzanne Hellmuth have served as lead-designers of Vellucci Plaza in Inman Square. The artists have placed a great emphasis on making the area inviting and safe. The dense canopy of Locust trees will be thinned to let sunlight in and special lights will be suspended from cables over the space to provide evenly diffused lighting without lurking shadows. Three 18" high granite planters will be placed in asymmetrical formation, with wood platforms on top for seating. A variety of plants, including a series of white Birches, will reflect the strong tradition of gardening in the neighborhood, while also providing barriers from the loud traffic on both sides of the plaza. A gridded wall along the back will provide a barrier for the direct abutters. The scale of the open spaces between the planters has been determined to encourage groups to assemble for meetings and performances.