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"Dana Park Quotes"

Powell, John

Central Square/Cambridgeport, Sculpture

74 Magazine St.

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Dana Park, around the park fixed to light poles

Date: 2007

Materials: Aluminum

Dimensions: Eight discs, each 18" x 18"

In 2007 John Powell created Dana Park Quotes, a work of public art that draws on the prose and poetry of various writers who had association with the neighborhood over the last two centuries. Powell has mounted eight aluminum discs on the light poles marking the perimeter of the central lawn and the pathway encircling it. Each disc measures eighteen inches in diameter and is laser-cut with letters forming quotations from selected writers and poets who lived in or visited Cambridgeport during its 300-year history. Mounted high on the lamp posts, the discs rotate slightly with wind movement and catch sky, sunlight, foliage, and lamplight as the conditions of the day or night change. The play of light activates the form and the text.