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"Beach Fragments"

Phillips, David

Lechmere/East Cambridge, Sculpture

Canal Park

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Lechmere Canal Park, between Cambridge Street, First Street, and the Galleria Mall; inlaid in the pavement under the Park Pavillion

Date: 1986

Materials: Silicon, bronze, brick

Dimensions: 6 medallions: 16" x 16"; 1 medallion : 24" x 24"

The imagery captured in Phillips's medallions includes natural elements -- sand, stones, shells and fossils -- present in the tidal basin which occupied this site prior to settlement. These references to the natural world are combined with symbols of the microcosm and macrocosm of the universe -- images from astronomy, subatomic particles, music and ancient cultures.

"Use of water, the historical connection with the ocean, and proximity to the Science Museum interested me," says Phillips. "One bronze medallion incorporates music notation from Debussey's La Mer. Like the changing patterns in the sand, music, too, is transient."

David Phillips is well known for his public sculpture and his collaborations with landscape architects. His work often explores the resilience of nature, incorporating organic elements, such as stones and trees, with cast materials.Descriptions of the individual pavers are found on the ceiling panels of the Pavillion."