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"Levitated Stone"

Phillips, David

Central Square/Cambridgeport, Sculpture

Magazine Street at Lawrence Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Dana Park

Date: 2004

Materials: Bronze, granite, tree limbs

Dimensions: 8' x 4'

David Phillip's sculpture consists of a large granite stone "levitated" by bronze tree limbs. The stone is presented as though it were an offering. Natural elements, such as stone and trees, are often a motif in Phillps' work. "In the woods, looking for sticks and stones for my sculpture," he says, "I am often impressed by the persistence of life. A root can slowly establish a foothold and split a large rock. Lichen and moss extract their nourishment directly from the stone, ultimately processing granite into soil." Of casting bronze tree limbs, Phillips adds, "Metal branches are remarkable in that, although they are perceived as real, they can do things structurally that real twigs can't. For example, they can support a stone, giving the illusion of levitation."

David Phillips received his BFA in Painting and his MFA in Sculpture from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. He has taught at a number of places including Flint Institute of Art, Harvard, and Mass College of Art. His studio and foundry in Somerville are not only busy with his own work, but also much of the bronze casting in the area is done under his careful supervision.