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"Revolutionary Figures"

Lord, Madeleine

Central Square/Cambridgeport, Sculpture

Waverly Street at Talbot Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Fort Washington Park

Date: 1987

Materials: Cut and painted steel

Five life-size silhouette figures - four minutemen and a Victorian-era woman - stand guard at Fort Washington Park, the only remaining fort built by George Washington, during the siege of Boston in 1775. The four Colonial soldiers are scattered throughout the park, in stances of battle readiness, while the Victorian figure sits alone pondering the historical site.

After the Battles of Lexington and Concord, the British retreated to Boston. George Washington encircled the city with fortifications, of which this is one. At that time, the fort overlooked the Charles River, and the cannons pointed towards Boston. The area was made into a park in 1857 when the land was donated to the City and the cast-iron fence surrounding the park was erected.

The intent of the cut steel sculptures, says Lord, "was to recreate the Fort's encampment setting and to recall the park's creation and heyday," celebrate both eras in tandem, and pay homage to the park's layered history.