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"Brickworker and Ballplayer"

Judelson, David

Porter Square, Sculpture

Pemberton St. at Haskell St.

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Rindge Field, at Intersection of Pemberton and Haskell Streets

Date: 1983

Materials: Handmade brick

Dimensions: 6' x 11' x 5'

Two monumental figures face off behind homeplate at Rindge Field. Together, they embody North Cambridge's past and present. The ballplayer represents the site's modern-day use as a recreation area. The worker and bricks used to make the piece (fired by Judelson himself) reflect Rindge Field's previous incarnation as one of the many North Cambridge brickyards that were in active production from 1844 -1952. Names of brick companies and the families of Italian, Irish, and Canadian immigrants who worked in the 'yards are inscribed in the bricks, along with an overview that celebrates the transformation of North Cambridge "from swampy marshland into vibrant neighborhood."


David Judelson originally pursued architecture as an undergraduate and graduate student at M.I.T., but became increasingly interested in ceramics. He studied at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in the 1970s, and has pursued art ever since. His many large-scale public commissions include a sculptural rooftop terrace for Scholastic, Inc., in New York. He also has exhibited his work in numerous group and solo exhibitions. He spent many years living in the Boston area before moving to New York City.

City of Cambridge, Public Art Collection