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"Gate House"

Hamrol, Lloyd

Lechmere/East Cambridge, Sculpture

Commercial Avenue at the intersection of Rogers Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Front Park, between Commercial Avenue and Cambridge Parkway

Date: 1986

Materials: Enamel on steel

Dimensions: Three arches, each 10' x 13' 8" x 1' 1/2"

Lloyd Hamrol's sculpture is comprised of three high-pointed steel archways arranged in a circular pattern on a raised brick-paved area of the park. Culminating in triangular roof-top shapes, the archways reflect the contemporary architectural elements of nearby buildings, while framing views of the Charles River.
Hamrol has painted the arches in muted primary colors, alluding to characteristics of the area: blue in honor of the local sea-going tradition, red to reflect the predominant use of brick in the Cambridge area, and yellow, reminiscent of New England's fall foliage colors.


An artist of national renown, Hamrol has received three NEA visual arts fellowships and seven NEA grants for his public art projects. He has created public sculpture in several cities around the country, including a GSA commissioned sculpture for a federal courthouse in Atlanta. His work is also in permanent collections of major museums, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the National Collection of Fine Arts at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. His work has been exhibited by the Whitney Museum in New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and the San Francisco Museum of Art.

City of Cambridge, Public Art Collection