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"Children's Collaborative Mural"

Gregory, Jack

Area IV/The Port, Tile and Glass

225 Windsor Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Fletcher Maynard Academy, second floor

Date: 1983

Materials: Clay

Dimensions: Two parts: each 3'8" x 8'

Humor and bold color distinguish this two-part mural designed by Jack Gregory and Joan Wye. Resembling a huge patchwork quilt, the mural's main component is tilework made from students' drawings. The children's airplanes, motorcycles, ships, birds, sea creatures, rabbits, and dinosaurs combine with small squares of embedded shapes, numbers and letters. Also in the mix: ceramic "samplers" offering assorted bits of familiar childhood advice ("brush your teeth," "say thank you," "eat your spinach") and nonsense phrases ("liver and onions," cats and dogs," "honk if you love noise"). Background colors unify the diverse elements, while a band running along the bottom lists the student artists' first names.

City of Cambridge, Public Art Collection