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"East Cambridge - 1852"

Greenamyer, George

Lechmere/East Cambridge, Sculpture

Second St. at Spring St.

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: East Cambridge Parking Facility, corner of Second and Spring St., above Second Street pedestrian entrance

Date: 1988

Materials: Steel

Dimensions: 24' x 24' x 5'

George Greenamyer's monumental sculptures for public spaces are carefully engineered interpretations of regional history. His East Cambridge-1852 is a narrative work celebrating the furniture-making and glass-blowing industries which flourished in East Cambridge during the 19th century. Located on 10 and 12-foot columns at the pedestrian entrance to the garage, the sculpture is constructed of mild steel that is forged and painted in high-gloss epoxy colors. From left to right, the work depicts: a brickworker's home with smoke from the hearthfire blowing out of the chimney; a glass-blower and his helper; the two main kiln buildings of the Boston Porcelain and Glassworks, with a worker in-between and black smoke wafting from the elevated industrial chimneys; the proud president of the company with a finished product in his hands; three workers' row houses; two chairs; three furniture makers; and Geldowsky's Furniture Company. A well-dressed Cambridge couple from that era and another worker's house complete the piece.


Born in Cleveland, Ohio, George received his BFA in Dimensional Design from the Philadelphia Museum College and an MFA in sculpture from the University of Kansas. He taught as a Professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and worked as chair of the sculpture department for many years. He has been awarded commissions in nearly all states through "one percent" programs.


City of Cambridge, Public Art Collection