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"Town Green"

Glier, Michael

Mid-Cambridge, Mural

344 Broadway

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: City Hall Annex

Date: 2009

Materials: Acrylic on Masonry

Dimensions: 7'7" x88' 7"; 10'5" x 57'

Glier is painting three large walls in the building's two-story atrium to transform the space into an indoor "garden." The art is organized around four themes representing ideal missions of the municipal departments that occupy the building: 'Transparency,' 'Flow,' 'Growth,' and 'Pleasure.' The images relate to these concepts as they also give snapshots of the cityscape: birds and roses; ivy climbing the walls; bicyclists; rowers; a girl lying in the grass, reading; a view through the wall into an employee lunchroom, revealing office workers on a coffee break. Besides painting three large walls in the atrium, Glier will paint panels for public spaces on the upper floors, repeating some of the motifs developed in the atrium. In addition, Glier has worked with the building architects to make changes to the design of a central staircase, the floor pattern, and lighting.

City of Cambridge, Public Art Collection