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Fair, Tory

Area IV/The Port, Sculpture

169 Harvard St.

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Greene-Rose Heritage Park, bordered by Harvard, Moore and Dickinson Streets

Date: 2007

Materials: Foam, fiberglass

Dimensions: 27" x 146" x 100"

Tory Fair is inspired by the playing field markings of competitive sports. The center circle, the corner kick lines, the goal lines, and the field boundaries are all metaphorical markers that define a charged space. For the The Greene • Rose Memorial Park, Fair plays with the markings of a hopscotch court. Transferring the sense of contested ground from the world of sports to the realm of public interaction, Fair’s park bench, a literal site of human conversation and interaction, suggests the “hidden Straegies and logic that people bring to their conversations and everyday activities."