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"Stop Action Frieze"

Coogan, Jay

Wellington/Harrington, Sculpture

61 Willow Street

Cambridge, MA 02139

Location Description: Frisoli Youth Center, interior of the center's two-story lobby

Date: 1997

Materials: Metal

Dimensions: 22 figures each 3' high

Appropriately entitled "Stop-Action-Frieze," Jay Coogan's sculptural frieze consists of a series of three-foot tall aluminum figures 'frozen' in mid-action. Arranged in a continuous band around the interior of the youth center's two-story lobby, the figures connect the space visually while they also suggest identity and unification for the diverse groups that participate in the center's programs.


Coogan received his M.F.A. in Sculpture from Hunter College in New York and his B.A. in Art from Brown University. His work has been in numerous shows both domestically and internationally and is the recipient of several New England based awards. He is currently the Associate Provost at the Rhode Island School of Design.


City of Cambridge, Public Art Collection