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"Cambridge Senior Center Mural"

Fichter, David

Porter Square, Mural

2052 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02140

Location Description: North Cambridge Senior Center

Date: 1986

Materials: Acrylic on concrete

Dimensions: 10' x 9'

David Fichter's colorful mural was designed and planned in collaboration with a group of North Cambridge seniors. The two-part mural is divided by a door, each section depicting a different scene. The left-hand section focuses on the passing of history from one generation to another, showing an image of an elderly woman talking to her granddaughter. The image is overlaid with snapshots from the woman's photo album that tell the story of her life. The right-hand section of the mural takes senior activities as its theme, depicting elders dancing, singing, and orating, against a backdrop of traditional quilt patterns. Fichter is a resident of Cambridge and has painted murals in the Eastern, Southern, and Midwestern United States, as well as in Nicaragua and in the former Soviet countries of Russia, Georgia and Armenia. Several of his works are located in other public areas and buildings around Cambridge.