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"Drawn Water"

Harries, Mags & Heder, Lajos

Fresh Pond/Strawberry Hill, Sculpture

254 Fresh Pond Parkway

Cambridge, MA 02138

Location Description: Walter J. Sullivan Water Purification Facility, three works (one inside lobby and others behind facility)

Date: 2001

Materials: Terrazzo, bronze, resins, landscaping

Dimensions: Various, including 2,500 sq. foot floor and 14' high column

Drawn Water combines real drinking water, symbolic elements and a 2500 sq. foot map that focuses attention on the importance of water in our lives. The underground pipes that bring the water throughout the city are marked on the map, along with water fountains, swimming pools, and ponds. Actual water pipes form functional seats and suggest the sizes of pipes in the map. A transparent water column is placed on the map at the site of the city's holding reservoir, Payson Park. The art continues outside the building. A shallow depression on both sides of a path reveals a 42 inch pipe, reminding us of the connection between the treatment facility and Fresh Pond, the city's reservoir. A circular opening in the fence around the pond focuses views of the water intake. A drinking fountain in the form of a squirting arc offers water to users of the path. When they drink from the fountain, the water column reacts with light, bubbles and changes in the water level, as if the water had been drawn through the large pipe back from the treatment facility. There are also thirteen bronze utility covers located throughout the city, each with a different water-related image. The locations of the covers are marked on the floor map to encourage a treasure hunt in the neighborhoods. Since 1990 Mags Harries and Lajos Heder have collaborated on several projects that range from large-scale commissions to temporary installations and performances.