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Kepes, Juliet

Alewife/North Cambridge, Sculpture

Intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Clarendon Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02140

Location Description: Clarendon Ave. Park

Date: 1980

Materials: Bronze

Dimensions: Ranging in size from 16" x 14" to 24" x 21"

The five bronze-birds, frozen in various stages of flight on a low brick wall next to the playground, are the creation of an acclaimed illustrator of children's books, Juliet Kepes.With a great affinity for animals, Kepes wrote 17 children's books with calligraphic drawings of birds, frogs and other creatures, three of which were designated in the top ten children's books of the year by the New York Times. Her Five Little Monkeys was selected as Caldicott Medal Honor Book and the Society of Illustrators awarded her a citation of merit for Frogs Merry in 1962. Juliet Kepes (1919-1979) resided in Cambridge for 53 years. She worked as a painter, sculptor, and graphic artist and collaborated with her husband, Gyorgy Kepes, on enamel murals for the Morse School and other public buildings.